Underground Utility Surveys

As part of your survey or even as a standalone service, we can survey, trace and plot underground services incoming to the site and identify where possible, the incoming gas, power, telecoms, drainage and water supplies from the site boundary up to and including the termination points [meters, electrical heads, stopcocks, drain points] and also within each building demise on the site if required. We can also include where possible tracing of all metallic and non-metallic utilities

More Information Regarding a RFL and a GPR Survey

In terms of depth it really depends on the site conditions and the size of the target features.  If we can access apparatus in chambers or where it exits buildings then we can usually locate them at depths of up to 1.5m.  Sometimes deeper for large features.

 The GPR system that we use has two antenna built in.  One designed to get good near-surface resolution and the other to go deeper, but with a slight loss in resolution.  In theory it can penetrate up to 3.5m but this is usually only achieved in sandy geologies.  For most brownfield or urban sites we look at between 1.5m and 2.0m, although this can be reduced in waterlogged or clay ground or where there is significant made ground or under reinforced concrete. 

If any areas at your site are reinforced then this could reduce the effectiveness of the survey (both RFL and GPR).  We can still locate features beneath reinforcement but it is harder to identify features.