Generally surveyed remotely using either one or a combination of  reflectorless total stations or 3D laser scanners, and digital photography as necessary. Depending on your requirements and budgets these can be:

1. Basic outline with only openings and eaves and ridges  
2. Detailed with all window and door fenestration and services as may be required.

Typical information that can be provided: basic geometry, building outline, doors and windows with openings, roof and ridge lines, chimneys, cornices, window sills, stairs, rainwater goods, down pipes, architectural details suitable to the scale or their outline, levels and heights. If you need additional information about neighbouring properties or context elevations we can also provide this or a part view of these buildings for a short distance or even a full street scene.

All levels and heights will be provided in accordance with the local datum or OS datum (Ordnance Survey) as required.