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SiteMaster BIM 2016 makes the creation of 3D building models from surveys incredibly simple, even to the point of the Disto usurping the role of the mouse

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Sitemaster 2016
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3 D Model Created on site in Real Time

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  • 3 D Model Created on site in Real Time


SiteMaster BIM 2016 makes the creation of 3D building models from surveys incredibly simple, even to the point of the Disto usurping the role of the mouse

As we draw near to the Government'sstrategy to require BIM across allpublic sector construction projectsby 2016, architects and surveyors mightlike to know that BIM implementation on asite development project can even startbefore the design stage, using an efficientand cost effective 3D surveying solution -i.e. BIM on existing buildings and not just new build. SiteMaster BIM 2016 fromGraebert iSurvey provides users with theability to create fully object orientated 3Dmodels using only a handheld laserdistance meter.

Furthermore, the 3D models and 2Drepresentations can be exported either inIFC, .dwg and other formats to architectsand engineers who, in the course ofdeveloping the 3D models further, can addmaterials, objects and other componentinformation.SiteMaster BIM 2016 is the latest versionof the SiteMaster surveying product familythat is developed from Graebert's ARESCAD engine. The same engine utilised inthe very popular CAD software, DraftSightfrom Dassault Systèmes, which has beendownloaded over 4.2 million times so far.

SiteMaster 2016 is a 2D surveying tool with3D viewing, and SiteMaster BIM 2016 hasadditional 3D capabilities and features withan IFC export. SiteMaster 2016 & SiteMaster BIM 2016 run on Windows 7 and 8 devices, whichconnect via Bluetooth with a laser distancemeter that can very accurately record alldistances, angles, elevations within abuilding. The whole system is designed tobe used by surveyors of varyingcapabilities, but who may lack architecturalskills - i.e., not so much concerned aboutwhy a window is offset within a wall, andthe direction in which it opens, but inrecording the exact measurements of theobject itself.

Before we look at how easy SiteMaster BIM 2016 is to operate, though, a couple ofpoints about 3D surveying. Many buildingprojects concern the modernisation ordevelopment of existing structures, and require accurate representations of whatalready exists. There are basically two waysof doing this; 3D laser surveying using laserscanners, used by specialist companies,create huge point clouds of data, requiresignificant processing capability and are,therefore, expensive. Handheld laser measuring tools can beused by anyone, provide accurate datawith an accuracy of 2mm in 200 metres,can feed those measurements directly intoa laptop or Windows tablet on site, and, asin the case of SiteMaster BIM 2016 usingBluetooth technology to do it wirelessly. If you are not surveying the Parthenon, butwant a quick and inexpensive surveywithout the frills - salient measurementswithout the entirely extraneous statues ofsaints in ornate niches - you can get exactlywhat you need by talking to your friendlylocal surveyor. 

SiteMaster BIM 2016, therefore, providesthe optimum solution for BIM exponents,allowing surveyors to select just the rightlevel of survey data to satisfy an architect’s brief. It is flexible enough to be configuredthe way that individual surveyors prefer towork, and provides a survey oriented userinterface that allows surveyors to select thefeatures they are working on - selecting awall, for instance, brings up different typesof wall features - rectangular, arched,inclined walls, gabled, etc. Similarvariations are also available for doors,windows, roofs and stairs. SiteMaster BIM2016 can be used to create additionalcategories if they are a recurring featurewithin a building.Because such features are object orientedthey come with a range of attributes, whichcan be edited or added to in a separatewindow. This information is used toannotate 2D drawings, or for creatingschedules of component features. One ofthe first steps to be taken on surveying aroom is to establish its height. The surveyor is not just creating a 2D floorplan, but a 3D model of the internalstructure of the building. Even SiteMaster 2016 which works in 2D has an integral 3Dviewer, which shows a 3D model of thebuilding being surveyed in isometric view inwireframe or rendered mode - a handyreference for checking gross surveyingerrors. The software comes with sufficientintelligence for it to allow the Disto to takeover the control of the drawing on thelaptop using duplicate keys on the Disto.This allows the surveyor to survey, room byroom, resting the tablet device and enteringsurvey data using the up, down, keys onthe laser distance measurer, 'minimising thenumber of clicks'. A key feature of thesoftware utilises a layer to record each measurement carried out even down to thedirection from a starting point - a very usefulQA layer for final drawing inspection.

Each structural feature has its ownsurveying requirements - e.g., windowshave sill and opening heights. Windows,after type selection, are typically enteredusing an offset measurement from a roomcorner, with the surveyor recording silldepths and window positioning andopenings. Doors come with flush orprotruding frames, may have limitedopening capabilities, and are hung in aparticular direction. Such information is critical to the architectwho may want to incorporate them orreplace them in his design. But, as objects,they can be modified or resized in situ,replaced, and labelled to facilitate theiridentification on any subsequentdocument, schedule or representation.Staircases are surveyed using dialogueboxes to establish the number of risers,width, landings and the bottom and toplocations of the stairs. Beam types areincluded in the feature categories, androofs are created by outlining the roofboundary, including overhang andselecting a roof type from the roof category.The new SiteMaster products will beupdated regularly with small and majorenhancements throughout its contractedlife - this will ensure that the product isalways optimised and up to date. SiteMaster BIM 2016 also includes anumber of other symbols of buildingfeatures, e.g. plumbing components. A sink, from a number of types, can beaccessed and dragged anywhere within aroom, using the SiteMaster software toaccurately locate and orientate the objectagainst a wall. Movable objects, such aschairs, can be precisely located in roomsusing triangulation. There is a floor management system thatallows floors to be added, but surveyorshave to calculating the slab thickness as anextrapolation from adjacent measurements- in exactly the same way that a surveyorwould handle it using more primitivesystems. Cut planes can be defined at anyheight, as well, overriding the default planefor measurements, which is between waistand shoulder height. Changing the cutplane height can be quite revealing,especially when it passes through theplane of a window at different heights

SiteMaster BIM 2016 is supplied on alicensed only basis - enabling GraebertiSurvey to keep the levels of software usedby all of its customers as up to date aspossible. Because the company wants itscustomers to maximise their use of theproduct, considerable attention is given totraining users before they go out into thefield, undertaken by Graebert iSurveyagents country wide, who will go out on-sitewith their customers for their first surveysusing SiteMaster BIM 2016.Graebert iSurvey will be holding a numberof workshop events around the country,allowing existing and potential clients aliketo see the new software in action


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