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SiteMaster Building - Mobile CAD Software - Sitemaster Building v5.0 recently launched with additional features.

The mobile solution for Professional Building Surveys and Fast CAD Drawings carried out On Site in Real Time. Draw fast and accurate walls (as single or double line), windows, doors and symbols rectangular and circular columns, recesses, ,chimneys, ducts, room areas, volumes, perimeters and much more. 

Point ~ Shoot ~ Drawn = Instant Floor Plans  

SiteMaster Building - for daily use - 100 million square meters of Building Surveys cannot be wrong!

Now being used extensively for Commercial Energy Assessment Floor Plans and Data Collection

How to Insert a Window with Retainer into a Wall
Sitemaster Building Screenshots
Triangulation - short video showing you how to use the traingulation features of Sitemaster software.


FREE 176 page Sitemaster Building and Building TS Training Manual for everyone who takes a Training Day with us!
and Point - Shoot - Drawn  Kit bag with every Hardware and Software Bundle purchased! Worth £44.00!

For professional building surveys

The extensive features of SiteMaster Building are especially interesting for users that need to create and deliver professional Fast CAD drawings.
The layer management supports the combination of several floor plans in one single file. Heights of rooms, openings and symbols can be recorded and exported. Lasered distances are recorded in the background and saved on an extra layer for proofing purposes.

Draw fast and accurate walls (as single or double line), windows, doors and symbols. You can draw rectangular and circular columns, Recesses, chimneys and niches/ducts. SiteMaster Building offers you more than 250 CAD and numerous editing commands. The program features associative dimensioning and room area calculation.

The Camera function allows you to insert ic on-referenced inspection photos and images. SiteMaster Building contains an Image function for direct insertion and scaling of photos and image underlays with support for file formats as BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF and RLC digital photos and images.

VoiceNotes that can easily been inserted eliminate time consuming text markup by providing record and playback of high-compressed audio notes and instructions directly inside your drawings.

AutoCAD-compatible drawing symbols / blocks can be used. The Visual Symbol Manager lets you insert symbols ? as-measured, referenced or free in the drawing. You can export Excel-compatible .csv files with room/area lists and room schedule reports/symbol lists. The Check Distance function lets you compare »as-built« distances to plan distances and record this comparison.

Experienced power users can use the visual Desktop, Menu and Toolbar Editor (DME2) and Lisp and/or C++ programming APIs to customize and extend the program furthermore.

Survey Methodology

Surveys are conducted using a hand-held Laser Measure (Leica Disto A6, Leica Disto D3aBT, Leica Disto D8 or a Hilti PD38) coupled via ‘Bluetooth’ technology to a hand-held microcomputer a Viliv X70 EX.

This approach, which produces the CAD drawing during the survey process, allows us to establish and accurately check all building dimensions while on site. Significant improvements in survey quality are gained using this equipment when compared with traditional survey methods. 

Check measurements are taken to ensure accuracy Gone are the days where two men would hold a sagging tape measure from one end of the room to the other, that old method is history! There are NO more return visits to site due to blunt pencils and inaccurate paper documentation, NO guesswork, NO wrong data documentation NO sagging tape measures.

The New NDEPC Regulations and How Sitemaster Building is helping.

With the new NDEPC Regulations coming into force as from the 1st October 2008 find out why more and more Surveyors, Architects and Energy Assessment Companies are turning to Sitemaster Building to help with their EPC's

Most commercial buildings over 50m² now require a Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificate (NDEPC). The purpose of the NDEPC is to assess a buildings' CO2 emissions in line with the requirements of Building Regulations (Part L).

Buildings account for almost half of the energy consumption and carbon emissions in the UK. The heating and hot water used in your building can amount to half of all your energy costs. Sitemaster Building software is now being used extensively to produce fast and accurate floor plans to assist Commercial Energy Assessment companies in the production of the new certificates.

So What is an EPC?

An Energy Performance Certificate ( EPC) is a certificate which demonstrates the energy rating of a building. It forms part of the 'Energy Performance of Buildings Directive' (EPBD) which the Government is currently implementing in England and Wales.

The energy performance of a building is identified using an 'A' to 'G' grading system, similar to the energy grades provided with appliances such as a fridge or washing machine. 'A' is very efficient and 'G' is the least efficient, and the energy performance of the building is shown as a Carbon Dioxide based Index.

Why Must I have plans Drawn Up?

The EPC is a by product of something called an SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model), and without it you can't produce an EPC.

The SBEM process includes all the measurements, the calculations, the specification of the building, and without this level of information it would be impossible to produce an EPC. The SBEM relies on architects plans and without these it’s not possible to produce an SBEM

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Sitemaster Building Screenshots

Sitemaster Building Tutorials

Flash presentation - How to Insert a Window with Retainer into a Wall

Case Study - 1500 Premises/Churches Surv eyed for the Archdiocese of Freiberg, Germany

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ROI for Sitemaster Building

Responsible facility managers and businesses alike are always looking for ways to minimize their expenses and to hold onto their available resources. They are constantly reviewing and rethinking their operational strategies in order to remain competitive in today’s business environment. In an attempt to accomplish this task many organizations are looking for solutions to increase productivity and reduce costs.  SiteMaster Building provides a low cost means to meet that need. 

Mobile CAD Surveying and Sitremaster Building ROI
Mobile CAD Surveying is the building surveying expert. Whether it is quick turn-around you need for a specific project or simply on-going updates to as-built floor plans, Mobile CAD Surveying and Sitemaster Building delivers.

Example Projects Carried out with Sitemaster Building Software

McDonalds | Great Britain

Survey between opening hours

More than 300 restaurants of the fast-food chain were completely surveyed in Great Britain between April a nd June 2005. The restaurant chain had to meet a new law and to provide digital plans of all their licensed restaurant. These plans can be used e.g. by fire workers and security personnel. The challenge of this case was except the strict time frame to survey all restaurants while open to the public.

Bank of America | U.S.A.

Survey under strict security obligations

Between opening hours 3000 branches of the Bank of America in several federal states were surveyed in a matter of 8 months. For security reasons the surveyor had to upload the floor plans onto a secured Server and delete the drawing from his mobile computer before leaving the building.

Archdiocese Freiburg | Germany

1.500 Buildings surveyed in 7 months

The archdiocese selected our customer CleanConsult to survey 1500 buildings. Within a day the employees got used to the software. All software adjustments and training of CleanConsult were done in a project partnership in which Gräbert acted as a consultant. For 16 external surveyors we established a communication system enabling to speak and send emails back and forth.

NB Real Estate | Microsoft Case St.

100 per cent accurate property reports

"The technology opens up new opportunities for us. Previously, a job surveying 400 properties would have been difficult, but now we would consider a project surveying up to 2,000 properties. We can provide a higher level of service to our clients and compete with organisations that are far larger than us." Nick Scott, IT Director, NB Real Estate

Deutsche Telekom | Germany

1 Million square meters surveyed within 15 weeks

Vivento, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, measured and drew more than 1 Mio. square meters within 15 weeks. The project was to verify the technical area of a real estate subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom. 25 team members recorded a total of 13,778 rooms in 1,230 buildings.

Cartier | France

Car park measured under extreme circumstances

Cartier have an underground car park for cars in pigeon holes - 3 cars in each box. Cars are stored by an automatic elevator, the whole car park is not designed to accommodate human access. MATL surveyed the facility with a tolerance of ±3mm over 40m. Measurements were taken by the surveyors hanging from ropes.

Plus thousands of smaller properties, from small domestic buildings to shopping centres and even Blackpool Tower (below) Sitemaster can and has done them all.

Blackpool Tower - 40,000sq metres in 3 weeks  

Sitemaster Building Software

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Good Buy Review by Benny
Well what a great buy this was, wouldn't be without it now, cannot imagine how I managed without it, will be back for the for the Elevations software very soon. (Posted on 25/11/2011)
Does what they say Review by Jonathan
Like others have already said, this really is a no brainer purchase. Why I took so long to make a decision is beyond me :) (Posted on 28/10/2011)
Brilliant! Review by George
Thought long and hard before buying, but then decided to have a demonstration of the software, I am glad I did, it proved to me what I thought, I have since bought two licences for my partner and I and wouldn't be without the programme now.

Just wish I had seen Sitemaster years ago. (Posted on 24/10/2011)
Simply the Best! Review by John
This has to be the best surveying and drawing software on the market. Bought it a while ago and have already seen a massive increase in time savings and production has gone up.

Worth every penny!

(Posted on 08/05/2011)
The best Surveying software without doubt. Review by Kamron
This software is all it is advertised as, and more, couldn't be without it now and would not consider going back to using traditional methods of surveying. Like they say: NO more sagging tape measures, NO errors and NO return visits to site and they are right!

Kamron. (Posted on 06/05/2011)
What a great software programme Review by Loryn
This is a simply great programme, I am now saving a day per survey even on domestic projects. Simply fantastic! (Posted on 05/05/2011)

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