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Mobile CAD Surveying Leaflet
Floor Plans, Measured Building Surveys, As Built Plans, Elevational Drawings, Licensing Plans, Lease Plans, Land Registry Plans and many more purposes, if you need Floor Plans for any purpose and you need them fast and accurate, then we can deliver.

Productivity or Procrastination?
The future of CAD is MOBILE
Isn’t it amazing to think that just five years ago virtually all surveyors took pencil and pad,

tape measure or possibly a laser measuring device out into the field and spent several
hours measuring up sites, buildings and all related detail before returning to the office to
redraw the detail into their CAD package. Or is it? How much has really changed?

Sitemaster Building and Today's Ever Growing Requirements pdf
There is an ever growing requirement in today’s fast paced society by clients and customers to have quick, accurate building plans, floor plans, ‘as built’ plans and elevational drawings of buildings with which to plan their future building proposals, schemes and to comply with current legislation like the recent Government Directives where Local Authorities, schools, colleges and the like are required to take a much more proactive approach to the whole area
of Property Management.

Case Study - 1500 Premises Surveyed for the Archdiocese of Freiberg, Germany
Following a long and exhaustive selection process our client CleanConsult from Denzlingen has been awarded a contract by the Archdiocese of Freiburg to carry out the building survey on 1500 of their properties by using Gräbert SiteMaster Building.

This project was to generate exact floor plans following DIN 277 standard and collect all attributes including photo based documentation.

St Annes HospitalLondon, 150,000sq ft of floor plans in 4 days finished drawings and
Elevations in 1 day. All drawings, plans and elevations were completed in 5 days, finished! 

Graebert Mobile CAD Surveying pdf
Overview of the Graebert Suite of Software

100 million square meters of Building Surveys cannot be wrong!

Sitemaster Building features

CADalyst Review 2

Which Disto pdf
Which Leica Disto is best for your circumstances, this will help you in your choice

A New Opportunity for Tradesmen pdf
Read about how Sitemaster Building software helped create a new income for an out of work Building Tradesman.

Screen shots of Sitemaster Elevations
Many screenshots of Sitemaster Elevations programme

Screen shots of Sitemaster Building
Many screenshots of Sitemaster Building programme

ROI for Sitemaster Building
Responsible facility managers and businesses alike are always looking for ways to minimize their expenses and to hold onto their available resources. They are constantly reviewing and rethinking their operational strategies in order to remain competitive in today’s business environment. In an attempt to accomplish this task many organizations are looking for solutions to increase productivity and reduce costs.  SiteMaster Building provides a low cost means to meet that need. 

Mobile CAD Surveying and Sitemaster Building ROI

Mobile CAD Surveying is the building surveying expert. Whether it is quick turn-around you need for a specific project or simply on-going updates to as-built floor plans, Mobile CAD Surveying and Sitemaster Building delivers.

Sitemaster Elevations - Elevation Drawings from Photographs - Watch the Video

Measured Building Surveys
If you need a measured building survey or even several measured building surveys, you have come to the right place. If time is of the essence, or clients time constraints are limited on site, we can accomodate you.

Mobile CAD Surveys
When you need a measured building survey, a measured building surveyor or a full programme of surveys and floor plans, we can help you.. If time scales are tight, or clients time constraints are limited on site, we can work with you.

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Measured Building Surveyors -  Measured Building Surveys all types and for any purpose anywhere in the UK

SCM Joinery - Blackpool
SCM Joinery are a small local carpentry and joinery business servicing Blackpool and the Fylde Coast. Although our work is predominately laminate or wooden floors, kitchens, decking, doors, windows and general joinery, we are happy to quote for any joinery, building or roofing work. No job too small!




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