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The Mobile CAD Surveying Ltd Knowledge Base is produced for customers who wish to learn more about surveying, surveying equipment and procedures. The Knowledge Base is regularly updated with useful and factual information by Mobile CAD Surveying staff in direct response to customer enquiries. It also includes many helpful documents, tips, videos and sample drawings in connection with our award winning mobile surveying software Sitemaster Building.

If you have a question and can't find the answer here or would like to contribute to the Knowledge Base please email us your enquiries.

Surveying & Triangulation


Setting up the communication between a Total Station and SiteMaster range of products

How to Use a Staff With a Dumpy Level

Moisture Meters - The Key Facts

What is a Dumpy or Automatic Level and a Laser Level

Standard Tell Tale Instructions

Crack Monitoring Record Sheet

What is GPS & Glonass

What is RTK

What is a Theodolite

Gradient Reference Chart

Laser Measures v's Ultra Sonic Measures

IP Ratings Explained

Sound Insulation Calculator - Architects can now assess basic sound insulation requirements for educational or healthcare buildings at the touch of a button thanks to an innovative new online calculator

Screenshots, videos and sample drawings for Sitemaster Building and Sitemaster Elevations software programmes

Sitemaster Building and Elevations Video Tutorials  (11)

Sitemaster Building Screenshots (40)

Sitemaster Elevations Screenshots (14)

Different ways of drawing Bay Windows (opens as a .dwg file)

Spiral Stair Construction (opens as a .dwg file)

Adding Symbols Libraries to Sitemaster

North Arrow (opens as a .dwg file)

Setting up the communication between a Total Station and SiteMaster range of products

Drawing Sheets/Templates - (opens as .dwg files)